Kids Wood Sign Workshop

Kids Wood Sign Workshop

Bring the kids for this fun & simple wood sign workshop!

This is a perfect opportunity for young ones to gift something handmade to their loved ones- parents, grandparents, friends, etc. <3

All ages welcome!

We just ask that any children below the age of 10 years old are accompanied by an adult for this event.

Registration will close at 9pm on 2/8/19.

Bring drinks and snacks if you’d like 🙂

Each ticket covers materials for one project and reserves a seat.

Accompanying adults may choose to create a project with the kids, but it is not required! 

Feel free to contact us at (708) 789-3211 (call/text) if you’d like custom wording for a $5 fee.

The kids will recieve a raw piece of wood, a stencil for the lettering (handpainting the words is also optional), and all the other necessary materials to complete this project. We will walk them through the entire process to ensure a flawless, yet unique piece. 

Additional stain and paint colors are available!

For private parties & reserving tables for a group:

Contact us if you’d like to reserve a private table for up to 8 people! 

Private party requests for this specific event are only possible if you contact us before anyone else has signed up for the event. 

A private party would require a minimum of 18 paid guests and an upfront refundable deposit of $150.

We’re here for any questions or requests you might have 🙂

Call or text: (708) 789-3211


As always, we’re excited to spend time with this group!


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