Food Service Sanitation Class ServSafe and City of Chicago Licenses

Food Service Sanitation Class ServSafe and City of Chicago Licenses

Do you need a food service sanitation license for the National Restaurant Association (NRA), or for the City of Chicago?

We specialize in ServSafe and City of Chicago  Food Sanitation Managers Licenses. *Good for 5 years

Over 10,000 Individuals Certified and Licensed

We have been licensing food service operators, workers, restaurant managers, chefs, supervisors, cafeteria workers and food handlers meet food safety requirements since 1998 and have certified and licensed more than 10,000 individuals to date.

Food Safety and Sanitation

ServSafe sponsored by the National Restaurant Association is the most widely accepted and used food safety curriculum among state, local and federal health departments. All Food Safety Sanitation Certification Classes offered by Chicago Food Sanitation utilize curriculum and testing approved by the Illinois Department of Health and all municipalities, including the City of Chicago, and qualify successful students for Servsafe and City of Chicago Food Service Sanitation Licenses (2).

CFS instructors are highly qualified trained educators with multiple years of experience and are trained educators as food service industry professionals as well as college level educators. Additionally, all instructors have valid Food Safety Instructors Credentials for the City of Chicago Department of Public Health and The National Restaurant Association. CFS instructors also specialize in teaching to multiple learning styles. Students with literacy challenges or test anxiety are welcome.

The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that at least one staff member at all places of business that serve food have a valid food service sanitation license. Individuals who complete food safety sanitation training will have certification that will be valid for five years before re-certification is required every 5 years.

Class Information

Sanitation Certification Classes are offered in 1-day formats. Extended length classes for agencies are available upon request. Attendance on all days of the class is required for certification. Students may not miss instruction or enter certification classes late.

Classes are held at various locations throughout the Chicago land area. Agencies requesting onsite classes may do so with a minimum of 15 guaranteed participants. See class schedule for dates, locations and time.

This class is ideal for:
Restaurants, agencies, hospitals, churches, nursing homes, event planners, caterers, fast food chains, street vendors, daycare centers and any organization that handles food service.

Food Service Sanitation courses includes:

  • 2 Sanitation licenses – City of Chicago and National Restaurant Association.

  • Eligible to receive State of Illinois license.

  • National license is good in all 50 states.

  • Challenged background – are eligible.

  • High school diploma preferred but not necessary.


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